the cobbler's children have no shoes...

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I'm not saying I don't have any shoes. Quite the opposite. I have too many shoes. The point is that I am so good at cleaning out other people's closets and telling folks to purge their own items, but I myself still seem to find pieces that I never wear. I'm sure I am longing for my pre-baby, in the gym everyday body, thinking I'm sure it will magically reappear. Well, my youngest is 4, I'm over 40, and I can never seem to consistently make it to the gym. So time to clear out. I went through my own closet yesterday with the focus on accessories. My personal style tends to be to keep things simple with neutral colors and then accessorize over the top. Scarfs, belts, bracelets, necklaces, etc. are much less expensive than a brand new wardrobe and can freshen up anything you have in your closet. As an on-the-go mom, this theory works best for me. I stock up on designer jeans and W by Worth essentials (you've probably heard me brag about how soft they are, right?) for a comfortable, quality look and then add accessories. After a scroll or two through Pinterest, I was inspired to organize.  I already owned a few jewelry organizers from the container store (my home away from home) and I had some leftover shower curtain rings from a previous home (not sure why these didn't get purged a long time ago). I really should have done a before/after shot, but quite honestly, this stuff was stashed everywhere, so the before was pretty tedious. Next on the list......SHOES. The cobbler would be happy!

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