A women's greatest asset is her beauty. (inside and out)


Fashion is not just the luxury fabrics we put on our body. It's how we treat our body inside and out. I have two favorite places to buy beauty products, skin care and cosmetics, Neiman Marcus and Birchbox (with BeautyCounter sneaking up as a close third, but I'll save that for another post.) Today happens to be the beginning of Camp Gorgeous week at Neiman Marcus and I am a total sucker for free samples. Just looks at this bag! NMC1VJB_ex I thought I would feature a few of my favorite items that I commonly purchase during NM beauty events. The absolute MUST is Tom Ford Beauty Illuminating Primer.  (yes, the cat is out of the bag. I don't illuminate from within). Click here to see and purchase the rest of my beauty "must haves." Spend $100 and get this Jonathan Adler inspired tote with samples. Can't wait to take this one poolside.

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